Area of Greatest Need (GAAB Annual Giving Goals)

The Geology Associates Alumni Board (GAAB) has identified areas of need within the KU Geology Department, resulting in these fundraising goals. The Department is seeking to: 1) raise $50,000 to bring a preeminent visiting scholar to KU, 2) raise $50,000 to purchase a new field vehicle to support our students in off-campus study critical to their geoscience training, and 3) Raise funds for students affected financially due to the pandemic. Your donation will help us meet these goals, enhance our Department, and ensure the ongoing excellence of our program.

You can give easily online using this donation form. In the "Special Instructions" box, simply write in either "GAAB Annual Giving Goals" or specify one of the three goals if you wish to donate to one in particular. 

More details about these three funding goals are below:

Student Relief Funds

The past year has been difficult for all of us at KU, but it hit students particularly hard as they struggled with changes in instruction, cancelled field trips, and unexpected expenses as well as limited access to research facilities and research sites for a significant period of time.

As part of the One Day. One KU. campaign, we seek support from our fellow G-hawks and KU Alumni for KU Geology undergraduate and graduate students who are experiencing financial need and/or require additional time and therefore support to complete their degree. Please specify One Day. One KU. donations to go to the Geology department so that the funds will be given to KU Geology students in need.

Please help us ensure the success of our future G-hawks by giving today. We thank you for your continued generosity to our students. Rock Chalk G-hawks!


Visiting Scholar

KU Geology seeks to raise funding to bring a renowned researcher from academia or industry to the EEEC to interact with faculty and students for a period of 1-2 semesters. This visiting scholar position will bring new ideas and expertise to our program as well as facilitate new research directions. 

Field Vehicles 

KU Geology is fortunate to have our own vehicles to support training and research, but they travel many a rough road each year, and the time has come where a real need exists for new vehicles. Donating to this goal is a great way to support our Field Camp program as well as student fieldwork and research. 

To learn more about giving to the GAAB Annual Giving Goals, contact:

Dan Simon
(785) 832-7378 


Give online via KU Endowment's secure and simple website. KU Endowment is the non-profit fundraising organization that supports KU. For information about any of the Department funds, or about other ways to give, please visit the KU Endowment website.

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Upcoming Colloquium


2/25/21: Dr. Katherine Ryker, Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina

3/25/21: Dr. Jonathan Payne, Professor, Geological Science, Stanford University, Stanford, California.

4/8/21: Dr. Peter Burgess, Professor of Sedimentary Geology and Head of Earth Sciences, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom.

4/29/21: Dr. Hildegard Westphal, Professor, Geoecology & Carbonate Sedimentology and Director of the Center for Marine Environmental Science, Bremen University, Bremen, Germany.

Geology Scholarship

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