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Are you a present or a recent KU geology student? Are you looking for a job or just want to connect with KU geology alumni with interests similar to your own? There are lots of opportunities to get ahead by putting your stamp on the new KU Geology Student to Alumni Mentoring Program. It lists names, e-mail addresses, interests of potential geology mentors willing to make contact with you and to provide advice and help.

This program is devoted to connecting you with prospective mentors - KU geology alumni employed in the Earth Sciences and related fields. We are excited about this program because of the potential it offers for interaction and assistance to students. Many of you are seeking or soon will be seeking jobs in your field and so consulting with a professional in that same field can help you in many ways, not only in finding jobs, but also in understanding what is involved in the job and thus helping you better prepare for it, both professionally and academically. How does it work? Ever wonder just how a KU graduate got her or his job or just what work in a potential job in the field is really like? This program will allow you to search and connect with KU geology alums, many of whom already are established in jobs in their fields - perhaps in industry, consulting, geological surveys, government or education.

Some may have found the exact job that you are seeking or at least aspiring toward. Simply talk to your geology adviser and they can give you the list and you can search for prospective KU mentors who are willing to communicate and assist you in various ways. You may contact them by phone, e-mail or at various professional meetings around the country.

Since we are just taking our first stab at this, currently, the list is obviously quite primitive. The students have access to this list of mentors and mentor contact information and are encouraged to contact the mentor of their choice via this list.

There will also be a similar list for students who wish to be contacted by a potential mentor. To get your name included on the student list, just fill out the online STAMP Student Registration, or send your information to:

attn: Carolyn Church
Department of Geology
1414 Naismith Drive
Ritchie Hall, Room 254
The University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045.


To be placed on a list of students that mentors may choose to contact, please fill out the STAMP Student Registration.

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