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Additional Materials Required for Students from Outside the U.S.A.

  1. Proof of financial support: If financial support is being provided by the Dept. of Geology at KU (e.g., scholarship, graduate research or teaching assistantship) or by a KU scholarship, KU fellowship, or other KU award, the documentation proving financial support will be prepared at KU. If financial support is obtained from outside sources, other documentation will be required. Usually this is provided by the student as a bank statement (with a letter from the bank, on letterhead, dated, saying when the account was opened, the average balance, and the current balance) or a scholarship or sponsorship letter verifying the amount and source of the financial award.
  2. Proof of graduation and transcripts in English with U.S. equivalency in grades: In many countries the transcripts issued by universities do not explicitly state whether or not a degree was conferred. Instead, the university provides degree certificates or diplomas. If the student's transcript does not state that their degree has been conferred, we require an original degree certificate, issued by the institution, showing conferral.

    Prospective students should request that their institutions provide transcripts in English.

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