Anthony Walton, Ph.D.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics - Geology
Associate Professor
Primary office:
Lindley Hall, 318
University of Kansas
1475 Jayhawk Boulevard
Lawrence, KS 66045-7613


Joined KU Geology faculty in 1975 after a brief period at Vanderbilt University and graduate education at The University of Texas at Austin. Raised in New Jersey; attended college at Lafayette College, graduating in 1965.


B.A., Lafayette College


Current courses include those in petroleum geology, including a geology course that is combined with the Petroleum Engineering Design class and the KU IBA course. Also teach KU's introductory Field Experience course and lead various field trips.

All of the current courses are largely based upon hands-on projects using computer programs to analyze real data or develop observations in the field.

Have also taught Introduction to Geology, Historical Geology, Mineralogy,Optical Mineralogy, Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, Terrigenous Depositional Systems, Sandstone Petrology and Volcanology.

Teaching Interests

  • Petroleum Geology
  • Volcanology
  • Sedimentology


Current research topics include oil and gas reservoirs in Kansas and alteration of basalt by inorganic and microbial means.

Research Interests

  • Petroleum Geology
  • Sedimentology with ernphasis on terrigenous clastic and volcaniclastic rocks
  • Volcanology


Finally stepped off the DOSECC Board of Directors after 30 years in June when the last assets of the corporation were transferred to the GSA Foundation to support the Continental Scientific Drilling Interest Group. I had been Treasurer of the Corporation at the end. Rotated off the College Graduate Studies Committee at the end of Spring Semester 2019. Also rotated off a University Committee (Chair) at the same time. Now I am chair of the Edulobby Committee for the Department (we have no budget) and serve on the Field Camp Committee. Also life member of the Geology Associates Board (First individual who did not attend KU appointed to the Board)

Selected Publications

Walton, Anthony  W. Pennsylvanian Stratigraphy of Douglas County, Kansas: Glacioeustatically Modulated Cyclic Deposition on a Remarkably Smooth Shelf. Conference Proceedings. The Compass. Vol. 87. Sigma Gamma Epsilon, 2015.

Selected Presentations

Walton, A., & Walker, J. (12/16/2015). Alteration of Basalt and Hyaloclastite in the Project Hotspot MHC-2 Core with Some Comparison to Hyaloclastites of the Hawaii Scientific Drilling Program #2 (HSDP) Core. American Geophysical Union Fall 2016 Meeting. San Francisco, California.
Walker, J., Perry, S., & Walton, A. (7/9/2015). Preliminary textural studies of the smectite to corrensite transition in the MH 2-B borehole, Snake River Plain, Idaho. Euroclay 2015. Edinburgh, Scotland.
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