Geobiology Faculty

Professor, Associate Director, Environmental Studies Program
Lindley Hall, Room 321

Dr. Fowle's research focus is geomicrobiology, aqueous geochemistry and limnology.

Associate Professor
Multidisciplinary Research Building, Room 154

Dr. Marshall's research interest is Raman spectroscopy, mineral characterization, and molecular-level carbon investigation.

Associate Professor
Lindley Hall, Room 120B

Dr. Olcott-Marshall's research combines organic geochemical techniques with paleontological and geological techniques, to characterize the evolution and preservation of the biosphere through time, especially in intervals of Earth’'s history where the traditional fossil record is sparse.

Interim Chair, Professor
Lindley Hall, Room 120E

Dr Roberts specializes in hydrochemistry and microbial geochemistry, bridging basic and applied science and focusing on the role of microorganisms on mineral chemistry and weathering as it applies to carbon sequestration, petroleum reservoir diagenesis, paleoclimate, and water quality from the nano- to landscape scales.

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