The Glaciology and Remote Sensing Group collaborates with several faculty members at KU that do glaciology-related research, including our colleagues at CReSIS (Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets), and in the Geography and Geology departments. Glaciology is a multi-disciplinary field, and we welcome potential collaborators who provide new observational, modeling, or analysis tools to our research. We are also often looking for graduate students with strong programming, modeling, remote sensing and quantitative skills.

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Upcoming Colloquium


2/25/21: Dr. Katherine Ryker, Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina

3/25/21: Dr. Jonathan Payne, Professor, Geological Science, Stanford University, Stanford, California.

4/8/21: Dr. Peter Burgess, Professor of Sedimentary Geology and Head of Earth Sciences, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom.

4/29/21: Dr. Hildegard Westphal, Professor, Geoecology & Carbonate Sedimentology and Director of the Center for Marine Environmental Science, Bremen University, Bremen, Germany.

Geology Scholarship

The 2021-2022 Academic-Year Undergraduate Scholarship Award Application is now online.
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