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2017-2018 Colloquium Series

Join us for our weekly Geology Colloquium Series, Thursdays at 3:00 p.m., in 103 Lindley Hall, unless otherwise noted.

FALL 2017 

Past Colloquium Speakers

Spring 2017
1/19/17: Tom Gleeson, Univ. of Victoria

1/26/17: Pete Rose, AAPG Distinguished Lecture
"Cognitive Bias, The Elephant in the Living Room of Science and Professionalism"

2/2/17: Brad Cramer, University of Iowa

2/16/17: Ty Ferre, University of Arizona "Seeing Things Differently: Rethinking the Relationship Between Data, Models and Decision-Making"

2/23/17: Tao Sun, Chevron - 2017 G.D. Klein Lecture in Clastic Sedimentology
"Computational Geomorphology and Stratigraphy: Examples of Learning Geology through Computation"

3/02/17: Gregoire Metais, Visiting Professor of Vertebrate Paleontology
"Terrestrial biodiversity and environments in the Indus Basin during the Paleogene" 

3/9/17: KU IBA Team Presentation (2017 Mid-Continent Section 1st Place Winner)
"Petroleum System Evaluation of the Taranaki Basin: Unlocking the Deepwater Frontier"

3/16/17: Ed Harvey, Birdsall-Dreiss Distinguished Lecture
"Water Resource Stewardship in the U.S. National Park Service"

3/30/17: Robert Reisz, University of Toronto
"The Age of Reptiles: Exceptional preservation of a terrestrial vertebrate community in the Early Permian Cave deposits of Richards Spur Oklahoma"

4/6/17: Lejo Flores, Boise State
“The Accidental Climate Modeler: The increasingly important role of land-atmosphere models for the ecohydrologic process study" 

4/13/17 & 4/14/17: Kelly Liu & Steve Gao, Missouri Univ. of Science and Tech.
Kelly Liu: "Seismic Anisotropy beneath the Contiguous United States from Shear Wave Splitting Analysis" 
Steve Gao: "Initiation and early-stage development of continental rifts: Insights from the Okavango and Malawi Rifts"

4/20/17: Kathy Eremin, Harvard
"Geological Materials and Geological Tools at the Harvard Art Museum"

4/27/17: KU AWG Chapter Scholar Winners
Katherine Kuklewicz: "Micromorphological, Stable Isotope, Mineralogical, Geomicrobial, and NMR Analysis of Quaternary Calcrete Formation, Puerto Rico"
Emily Arsenault: “The Effect of Hydrogeomorphology on river food webs of the Great Basin, USA"
Rebecca Dorward: “Soft Bodied Organisms from the Cambrian of Utah”

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