Paul Enos

Emeritus Distinguished Professor
Primary office:


Ph.D., Yale University
M.S., Stanford University
Fulbright Student, Universität Tübingen
B.S., University of Kansas

Research: Sedimentology, carbonate facies, and diagenesis, specifically Cretaceous carbonates in Mexico and Permo-Triassic carbonates in China. Interests include mass-flow deposits, modern carbonates, and Mid-continent cyclothems.

Selected Publications

Enos, Paul, 2017, Sedimentary Structures Preserved in Greater Himalayan Gneiss: Phenomenon or Fantasy? Journal of Geology, v. 125, no. 2, p. 125-139. DOI: 10.1086/690211

Minzoni, M., Lehrmann, D. J., Dezoeten, E. Enos, Paul, Montgomery, Paul, Berry, A., Qin, Y., Yu M., Ellwood, B., Payne, J., 2015, Drowning of the Triassic Yangtze Platform, south China by tectonic subsidence into toxic deep waters of an anoxic basin: Journal of Sedimentary Research, v. 85, no. 5, p. 419-444.

Vlahovic, Igor, et al., 2012, Marine to continental depositional systems of Outer Dinarides foreland and intra-montane basins (Eocene-Miocene, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina), Field Trip Guide, 29th IAS Meeting of Sedimentology Schladming/Austria, Journal of Alpine Geology, v. 54 p. 405-470.

Enos, Paul, 2010, Bahamas, in Hopley, David, (ed.), Encyclopedia of Modern Coral Reefs: Springer, Heidelberg, p. 85-93.

Enos, Paul, et al., 2006, Triassic Evolution of the Yangtze Platform in Guizhou Province, Peoples Republic of China: Geol. Soc. America, Spec. Paper 417, 105 p.

Enos, Paul, Wei Jiayong, and Lehrmann, D. J., 1998, Death in Guizhou - Late Triassic drowning of the Yangtze carbonate platform: Sedimentary Geology, v. 118, p. 55-76.

Enos, Paul, and Samankassou, Elias, 1998, Lofer cyclothems revisited (Late Triassic, northern Alps, Austria): Facies, v. 38, p.207-228.

Enos, Paul, 1988.  Evolution of pore space in the Poza Rica trend (mid-Cretaceous) Mexico:  Sedimentology, v. 35, p. 297-325.

Enos, Paul, 1983.  Late Mesozoic paleography of Mexico, in Reynolds, N.W., and Dolly, E.D., (eds.) Mesozoic paleogeography of the west-central United States:  Soc. Econ. Paleontologists and Mineralogists, Rocky Mountain Sect., Rocky Mountain Paleogeography, v. 2, p. 133-157.

Enos, Paul, 1983.  Shelf environment, in Scholle, P.A., Bebout, D.G., and Moore, C.H. (eds.), Carbonate depositional environments:  Am. Assoc. Petroleum Geologists Mem. 33, ch. 10, p. 268-295.

Enos, Paul, and Sawatsky, L.H., 1981.  Pore networks in carbonate sediments:  Jour. Sedimentary Petrology, v. 51, no. 3, p. 961-985.

Enos, Paul, 1977.  Flow regimes in debris flow:  Sedimentology, v. 24, p. 133-142.

Enos, Paul, 1977.  Holocene sediment accumulations of the South Florida Shelf Margin in Enos, Paul, and Perkins, R.D., Quaternary sedimentation in South Florida:  Geol. Soc. America, Mem. 147, pp. 1-130.

Enos, Paul, 1969.  Anatomy of a flysch:  Jour. Sedimentary Petrology, v. 39, p. 680-723.

Selected Awards & Honors

Twenhofel Medal for Excellence in Sedimentary Geology (Society for Sedimentary Geology) 2013

Teaching Excellence Award, (KU Dept. Geology) 2003

Pettijohn Medal for Excellence in Sedimentology (Society for Sedimentary Geology) 2001

Best Paper Award, Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, 1969

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