Aqueous Geochemistry Laboratory

The aqueous geochemistry laboratory is maintained by Dr. Gwen Macpherson. The facility, located in 110A,B Lindley Hall, was renovated in 1989-1990, and is equipped with two standard fume hoods, a polypropylene wet-process work station, a class-100 HEPA-filtered air laminar low work station, a class-100 HEPA-filtered air two-layer dry box, a boiling-water still, a Nanopure-II water purification system, a quartz sub-boiling still for purification of acids, a Sartorious B120S balance, and a New Wave Research MicroMill (2001). Additional equipment includes a constant temperature-shaker bath, ovens, and miscellaneous field hydrogeology equipment including pH meters, conductivity meters, dissolved oxygen meters, as well as hand and electric well pumps. In addition, a van dedicated to hydrogeologic research and teaching is outfitted for ground-water sample collection in a dust-free, oxygen-poor environment. Analytical equipment in this lab includes a Spectronix 2000 spectrophotometer, and Dionex 4000i Ion Chromatograph (IC: 1998) with autosampler.

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