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In 2018, the Department of Geology moved into the brand new Earth, Energy, and Environment Center (EEEC)a 140,000 ft2, $78.5 million state-of-the-art complex consisting of Ritchie and Slawson Halls on the University of Kansas campus. The Department of Geology shares this extrodinary building with Petroleum Engineering, resulting in a highly collaborative, closly integrated space in which we are together undertaking groundbraking energy and environment research and education.

Utlizing these new facilities, the Department is able to bridge university research with real-world application, offer our students state-of-the-art labortories, and undertake innovative approaches to coursework using industry-standard software and equiptment. The Department faculty also operate several labs and instruments that serve individual Geology students and researchers, as well as other KU researchers and researchers outside KU. Under certain conditions, analytical services are provided to other universities, government labs, non-profit organizations, corporations and individuals. 

Come visit us! Tours are available of our extrodinary Earth, Energy and Environment Center. Please contact eeecenter@ku.edu to learn more. 

The Earth, Energy, and Environment Center. Photo: Earl Richardson 

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