Alumni News and Events

Here are ways you can remain connected to the KU Geology Department. 

Support KU Geology

Learn more about giving to KU Geology funds, including how to make a gift online and support the Area of Greatest Need (GAAB Giving Goals).

Student To Alumni Mentoring Program (STAMP)

The goals of this new program are to prepare KU geology students for employment and employment opportunities in their field and to connect KU geology alumni with KU students and the Geology Department.

As part of the Student-Alumni relations we are establishing information on individual mentors to connect KU geology students with potential KU alumni mentors. The whole program is voluntary but we strongly encourage everyone to participate as it can be rewarding with benefits to both students and alums. 

Learn more about STAMP.

Keep In Touch

Fill out the following form if you would like to update your contact information with the KU Geology Alumni office. (Note: This information is for the sole purpose of keeping you informed about upcoming alumni events and is not distributed outside of the department.)

You can connect with KU Geology on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn pages. 

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