Geology Graduate Student Organization (GGSO)

In 2022, the Geology Graduate Student Organization (GGSO) was established with the noble purpose of enhancing the research and work-life balance experience of graduate students in the Department of Geology at the University of Kansas. The GGSO implements several initiatives to keep its members informed about policies, provide a platform for discussion, help resolve conflicts, and enrich their academic experience with social events. The organization also fosters inter-academic fellowship and encourages professional collaborations among members. Most importantly, the GGSO aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment that prioritizes the mental and physical well-being of all students in the program.

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Meet the past and present Executive Board (EB):

2023-2024 EB:

President: Bryan Heyer

Vice-President: Michael Shahin

Treasurer: Hanna Szydlowski

Secretary: Meg Birmingham



2022-2023 EB:

President: Dan Mongovin

Vice-President: Bryan Rodriguez Colon


Treasurer: Meg Birmingham

Secretary: Malisse Lummus


2022-2023 Standing Committee Chairs and members:

Student Representative Committee: Bryan Heyer (for Ph.D. students) and Hannah Proffitt (for Master Students)

Academics and outreach committee: Brady Tumblin, Cody Bennett and Bryan Rodriguez Colon

Social Committee: Matthew Allen, Hannah Proffitt, Catherine Opalka, and Bryan Rodriguez Colon