Colloquium Series

Join us for our weekly Geology Colloquium Series, Thursdays at noon, at the Beren Petroleum Center, in Slawson Hall, 1420 Naismith Drive, part of the Earth, Energy and Environment Center. A reception with refreshments takes place prior to colloquium, at 2:30 p.m. All are welcome to attend. 


2/4/21: Dr. Esther Babcock, Owner/Geophysicist, Logic Geophysics & Analytics, LLC., Anchorage, Alaska.

2/25/21: Dr. Katherine Ryker, Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina.

3/25/21: Dr. Jonathan Payne, Professor, Geological Science, Stanford University, Stanford, California.

4/8/21: Dr. Peter Burgess, Professor of Sedimentary Geology and Head of Earth Sciences, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom.

4/22/21: Dr. Hildegard Westphal, Professor, Geoecology & Carbonate Sedimentology and Director of the Center for Marine Environmental Science, Bremen University, Bremen, Germany.

FALL 2021

9/25/21: Dr. Jody Webster, Professor of Marine Science, School of Geosciences, Geocoastal Research Group, The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia. (Presentation at 4:00 p.m. CT)

11/11/21: Dr. Stacia Gordon, Associate Professor, Department of Geological Sciences & Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada, and AWG Distinguished Lecturer.

Past Colloquium Speakers

FALL 2020

10/8/20: Diana Ortega-Ariza: Kansas Geological Survey, University of Kansas

11/9/20: Beth Bartel, MIchigan Tech


1/30/20: Stephanie Fiorenza, PhD, BP Corporation North America, Inc.

2/6/20: Blair Schneider, KGS Outreach Manager and Conference Organizer and Erin Seybold, KGS Hydrogeochemist

2/13/20: Noel Bartlow, Geodetic Researcher, Berkeley Seismology Laboratory

2/18/20: Chloe Gustafson, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

2/20/20: Kathy Davenport, Postdoctoral Researcher at College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science, Oregon State

2/25/20: Nate Lindsey, Stanford University

3/5/20: Professor Emeritus Paul Enos

3/12/20: Spring Break – No presentation planned

3/19/20: Derek Briggs, Professor of Geology and Geophysics, Yale University, and Curator, Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History Cancelled due to coronavirus travel restrictions

3/26/20: Diana Ortega-Ariza, KGS Asst. Scientist, Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy.

4/2/20: Rick Abegg, Exploration and ARM Earth Science Mgr., Chevron North America Exploration and Production

4/9/20: Stacia Gordon, Associate Professor, Dept. of Geological Sciences and Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno, (AWG Distinguished Lecture)

4/16/20: Mary Barrett, Professor Emeritus of Geology, Centenary College of Louisiana and Consulting Geologist

4/23/20: Gregory Dumond, Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences, University of Arkansas

4/30/20: John Brockman, Assciate Professor, Chemistry Department, University of Missouri

5/7/20: Mark Webster, Associate Professor, Dept. of the Geophysical Sciences, University of Chicago

FALL 2019

8/29/19: Dr. Dustin Harper, Post-Doctoral Researcher, KU Geology 

9/5/19: Dr. Robert Hazen, Carnegie Institution of Science

9/13/19: Dr. Zoya Heidari, Associate Professor, Hildebrand Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering

9/19:19: Dr.  Marcello Minzoni, Assistant Professor, UA Department of Geological Sciences

9/26/19: Dr. Justin Rubinstein, Deputy Chief, USGS Induced Seismicity Project 

9/27/19: Dr. Lutz Nasdala, Professor for Mineralogy and Spectroscopy

10/3/19: Dr. Sam Zipper, Groundwater Hydrologist, Kansas Geological Survey 

10/10/19: Dr. Andrew Barth, Chancellor's Professor, IUPUI Department of Earth Sciences 

10/24/19: KGS Guests

10/31/19: Dr. Winnie Chu, Postdoctoral Researcher, Stanford Department of Geophysics 

11/7/19: Mark Webster

11/14/19: Dr. Larisa R. G. DeSantis, Vanderbilt University 

11/20/19: Dr. Heloise Lynn, Lynn Inc., La Veta, Colorado 

12/5/19: Dr. Liz Hajek, Associate Professor of Geosciences, Pennsylvania State University 


1/24/19: Catherine Dieleman, University of Guelph

1/31/19: Liz Hajek, Pennsylvania State University

2/7/19: Special G. D. Klein Lecture in Clastic Sedimentology: Juan Lorenzo, Louisiana State University

2/14/19: Karin Goldberg, Kansas State University

2/21/19: John Gosse

2/28/19: Andrew Swindle, Wichita State University

3/7/19: Jianghai Xia, School of Earth Sciences, Zhejiang University, China

3/14/19: No colloquium - Spring Break

3/21/19: Amy Myrbo, University of Minnesota

3/28/19: Robbie Gries, GSA President

4/3/19: Laura Wasylenki, Earth and Atmospheric Science, Indiana University, Bloomington
Special Mineralogical Society of American Lecture
(Note this is on a Wednesday)

4/5/19: Darcy Lecture with John Doherty
"Dancing with Models - the Importance of Model Partner Software" 
Sponsored by the National Ground Water Association

4/11/19: AWG-Osage Leila Joyce Seals, KU Geology

4/18/19: Lisa Stright, Department of Geosciences, Colorado State University

4/25/19: Robert Hazen, Carnegie Institution for Science

5/2/19: Franek Hasiuk, Kansas Geological Survey

FALL 2018 

8/23/18: Kansas Geological Survey Panel

8/30/18: Rick Cramer, Environmental Technologies Manager, PG, Burns & McDonnell Engineering
Applying Environmental Sequence Stratigraphy (ESS) to Improve Groundwater Remediation Strategies

9/6/18: Terry Loecke, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies Program, University of Kansas
Patterns of soil organic carbon deficit in the Conterminous US

9/13/18: Admin Husic, Assistant Professor of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering, University of Kansas
Contaminant Fate and Transport in a Karst Watershed (What Goes Down Must Come Up)

9/20/18: David Furbish, Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Vanderbilt Univeristy, Tennessee
The Physics of Sediment Particle Diffusion

9/27/18: Kurt Sundell, University of Arizona
Paleogene foreland basin formation and Neogene surface uplift in the Peruvian central Andes

10/11/18: Sahar Mohammadi, Assistant Scientist, Kansas Geological Survey
Diagenesis of Mississippian Carbonates on the Southern Midcontinent, USA

10/18/18: Brendan Hanger, Teaching Assistant Professor, Boone Pickens School of Geology, Oklahoma State University
The Story of One Garnet: Mantle Redox, Metasomatism and Kimberlite Ascent

10/22/18: Special Monday DARCY LECTURE at special time of 4:00 p.m.:
Masaki Hayashi, Professor, Department of Geoscience, University of Calgary
Special thanks to the National Groundwater Association for sponsoring this lecture.
Alpine hydrogeology: The critical role of groundwater in sourcing the headwaters of the world

11/1/18: Mike Sweet, ExxonMobil
Sediment Routing From Shelf to Basin Floor in the Quaternary Golo System of Eastern Corsica

11/8/18: Dan Lehrmann, Pyron Professor of Geoscience, Trinity University
Basin-wide assessment of the factors controlling carbonate platform evolution: Triassic, Nanpanjiang Basin, South China

11/15/18: SEG Honorary Lecture with Dr. Christine Krohn
The complexity just below our feet and the implications for the fidelity of land seismic data

11/29/18: Tracy Frank, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Science, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Cold-water carbonates: deposition and diagenesis

12/6/18: Tomoko Bell, Researcher at teh Analytical Center for Environmental Study, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, University of Tokyo
Evaluation of paleotemperature proxy using coral genome biology


1/19/18: Joint Colloquium with KU Geography and Atmospheric Science:
Judith Turk, Pedologist and Assistant Professor, School of Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
"The Pedagogy of Pedology: Advancing Learning in Soil Science"

1/25/18: Craig Divine, Arcadis, Inc.
“Future Challenges, Opportunities, and Trends in Site Investigation and Remediation: A Consultant’s Perspective"

2/1/18: Landon Marston, Civil Engineering, Kansas State University
"Who uses America’s water? The invisible linkages that connect us to the waters of the nation"

2/8/18: Mike Blum, Ritchie Distinguished Professor
Dept. of Geology, University of Kansas
"Detrital Zircon U-Pb Record of Sediment Transfer from the Himalayas to the Deep-Sea Bengal Fan"

2/15/18: AAPG Distinguished Lecture with Bruce Hart
"Five Things Geophysicists Should Know About Shale Plays"

2/22/18: Shuvajit Bhattacharya, University of Alaska
"Application of Machine Learning for Integrated Shale Facies Modeling"

2/27/18:  2018 G.D. Klein Lecture in Clastic Sedimentology with ​David Mohrig, Jackson School of Geosciences
​University of Texas at Austin
"Building Submarine Landscapes: From Channels and Slopes to Fans and Lobes"
A special reception will follow the lecture. 

3/8/18: Kari Cooper, Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of California - Davis
"A world in a grain of sand: What crystal records reveal about magma reservoirs"

3/15/18: Adam Forte, Geology & Geophysics, Louisiana State University

3/22/18: No Colloquium due to Spring Break

3/29/18: Carl Bern, United States Geological Survey

4/5/18: Norbert Klitzsch, RWTH Aachen University

4/12/18: Lisa Stright, Colorado State University

4/19/18: Sara Moron, University of Melbourne

4/20/18: Michael Daniels, University of Denver
Joint Colloquium

FALL 2017

8/24/17: Allen Glazner, Kenan Distinguished Professor of Geological Sciences, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill​
"A Twenty-First Century View of Plutons"​

8/31/17: Mirko van der Baan, University of Alberta, Department of Physics
"How widespread is human-induced seismicity in the United States and Canada?"

9/14/17: Darcy Lecture: Dr. Kamini Singha, ​Department of Geology and Geological Engineering and Associate Director of the Hydrologic Science and Engineering Program, Colorado School of Mines.
“The Critical Role of Trees in Critical Zone Science: An Exploration of Water Fluxes in the Earth’s Permeable Skin"

9/21/17: Dr. Andrew Laskowski, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Earth Sciences, Montana State University​
"Duplexing in Southern Tibet and Birth of the Yarlung River"

9/28/17: Brian McClendon, co-founder of Keyhole and Google Earth, KU Research Professor.
"The History and Future of 3-D Mapping"

10/12/17: Krzysztof Wojcik, Exploration QI Advisor, Shell International E&P, KU alumni. 
"Bright spots, dim spots:  geologic controls of rock properties and AvO response in the Niger Delta basin"

10/19/17: Tony Layzell, Assistant Research Professor at the Kansas Geological Survey, KU alumni.
"Holocene alluvial stratigraphy as a research tool in Kansas"

11/2/17: Neil R. Thomson, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada; member of the Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Research Group and The Water Institute at the University of Waterloo. 
"Diagnostic Tools for Remediation"

1/19/17: Tom Gleeson, Univ. of Victoria

1/26/17: Pete Rose, AAPG Distinguished Lecture
"Cognitive Bias, The Elephant in the Living Room of Science and Professionalism"

2/2/17: Brad Cramer, University of Iowa

2/16/17: Ty Ferre, University of Arizona "Seeing Things Differently: Rethinking the Relationship Between Data, Models and Decision-Making"

2/23/17: Tao Sun, Chevron - 2017 G.D. Klein Lecture in Clastic Sedimentology
"Computational Geomorphology and Stratigraphy: Examples of Learning Geology through Computation"

3/02/17: Gregoire Metais, Visiting Professor of Vertebrate Paleontology
"Terrestrial biodiversity and environments in the Indus Basin during the Paleogene" 

3/9/17: KU IBA Team Presentation (2017 Mid-Continent Section 1st Place Winner)
"Petroleum System Evaluation of the Taranaki Basin: Unlocking the Deepwater Frontier"

3/16/17: Ed Harvey, Birdsall-Dreiss Distinguished Lecture
"Water Resource Stewardship in the U.S. National Park Service"

3/30/17: Robert Reisz, University of Toronto
"The Age of Reptiles: Exceptional preservation of a terrestrial vertebrate community in the Early Permian Cave deposits of Richards Spur Oklahoma"

4/6/17: Lejo Flores, Boise State
“The Accidental Climate Modeler: The increasingly important role of land-atmosphere models for the ecohydrologic process study" 

4/13/17 & 4/14/17: Kelly Liu & Steve Gao, Missouri Univ. of Science and Tech.
Kelly Liu: "Seismic Anisotropy beneath the Contiguous United States from Shear Wave Splitting Analysis" 
Steve Gao: "Initiation and early-stage development of continental rifts: Insights from the Okavango and Malawi Rifts"

4/20/17: Kathy Eremin, Harvard
"Geological Materials and Geological Tools at the Harvard Art Museum"

4/27/17: KU AWG Chapter Scholar Winners
Katherine Kuklewicz: "Micromorphological, Stable Isotope, Mineralogical, Geomicrobial, and NMR Analysis of Quaternary Calcrete Formation, Puerto Rico"
Emily Arsenault: “The Effect of Hydrogeomorphology on river food webs of the Great Basin, USA"
Rebecca Dorward: “Soft Bodied Organisms from the Cambrian of Utah”