Chanse Rinderknecht

Chanse Rinderknecht
  • PhD Student, Sedimentary Geology

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Dr. Franek Hasiuk


M.S. in Geology, Brigham Young University
B.S. in Geology, Brigham Young University


Depositional and diagenetic controls on the precipitation and zonation of the calcite microcrystals that occlude porosity.

I am currently analyzing the microcrystals that precipitate and occlude microporosity. The morphology and chemical composition of these microcrystals has a tremendous impact on the petrophysical characteristics and overall producibility of a carbonate reservoir because the impact porosity, permeability, and wettability of the reservoir. Microporosity has been reported in Phanerozoic limestone reservoirs through the Middle East, North Africa, South-east Asia, South America, and North America, and within these reservoirs microporosity can compose a large portion of overall pore space. It is therefore vital to understand the occurrence, distribution, and chemical makeup of the microcrystals that house these pore systems.

Selected Presentations

Rinderknecht, C., Diagenesis, Origin, Characterization, and Production Impact of Calcite Concretions in Deep Water Gulf of Mexico Sandstone Reservoir, Shell Oil Company Production Geology Forum, Oral Presentation

Rinderknecht, C., and Hasiuk, F., 2019, Zonation in Calcite Microcrystals a Diagenetic Model. Poster Presentation, Bathurst Carbonate Convention, Mallorca Spain

Rinderknecht, C., and Hasiuk, F., 2019, Calcite Microcrystal Zonation and Impact on Wettability. Oral Presentation, AAPG, San Antonio

Rinderknecht, C., Ritter, S., Gunnell, E., Ritter, G., 2017. Lithofacies and Sequence Architecture of the Lower Desert Creek Zone (Middle Pennsylvanian, Paradox Formation) in the Greater Aneth Field, Southern Paradox Basin, Utah. Poster Presentation at AAPG national meeting, Poster Presentation

Awards & Honors

2017-2019 Presidential Scholarship

2018 AAPG Garth W. Caylor Memorial Grant

2018 Iowa State Bowen Grant

2016 Brigham Young University Alumni Scholarship

2015 Utah Geological Survey Tuition Grant