Luis A González

Luiz Gonzalez

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Lindley Hall, room #120/116
Multidisciplinary Research Building


A significant portion of my current research emphasizes the utilization of the isotopic composition, mineralogy, growth history and growth patterns of speleothems (cave formations such as stalagmites, stalactites, and flowstone) to extract paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental signals. Research has been conducted in the North American Midwest (Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, and Wisconsin), Asia (Vietnam and Nepal), and the Caribbean (Jamaica, Puerto Rico). Current research efforts focus on northern South America.

Research interests:

  • Paleoclimate
  • Isotope Geochemistry
  • Carbonate Petrography
  • Speleothems
  • Stable isotope chemistry and its application to continental paleoclimatology
  • Carbonate geochemistry with emphasis on isotopic and trace elemental chemistry
  • Carbonate geology w/ emphasis on karst development & carbonate deposition in marine & karst systems
  • Carbonate diagenetic processes
  • Quaternary Paleoclimates
  • Cretaceous Paleoclimate and Paleohydrology
  • Experimental Carbonate Growth
  • Hydrocarbon Bearing Concretions in South Central Puerto Rico
  • Sedimentology and Diagenesis of Isla de Mona, Puerto Rico


Teaching interests:

  • Paleoclimate
  • Isotope Geochemistry
  • Carbonate Petrography

Selected Publications

Kenward, P. A., R. H. Goldstein, A. E. Brookfield, L. A. González, and J. A. Roberts. “Model for How Microbial Methane Generation Can Preserve Early Porosity in Dolomite and Limestone Reservoirs.” Journal Articles. AAPG Bulletin 96 (2012): 399–413., M. B., L. A. González, and G. A. Ludvigson. “Estimating the Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Equatorial Precipitation during the Mid-Cretaceous.” Journal Articles. Journal of Sedimentary Research 80 (2010): 480–91.

Selected Presentations

Montalvo, L. G., González, L. A., & Watney, W. L. (12/31/2013). Diagenesis and distribution of diagenetic facies in the Mississippian of South Central Kansas. Geological Society of America Annual Meeting