Hydrogeology Organic Geochemistry Laboratory

The Organic Geochemistry Lab is maintained by Dr. Rick Devlin and consists of 250 square feet of office space and 400 square feet in Moore Hall, a Kansas Geological Survey Building. The space has two dedicated fume hoods and adjoining bench space in a separate laboratory. The Kansas Geological Survey has cold sample storage facilities and dry sample storage shelves. The laboratory is equipped with a Hewlett Packard 1100 HPLC with diode array detector, supporting ChemStation software, and a Hewlett Packard gas chromatograph 6890 with autosampler, FID and PID detectors. The laboratory is completely stocked with glassware, stirrers, chemical cabinets and a 18 mega-ohm, organic-free water system by Barnstead. For the field, I have custom conductance meters for use with multilevel piezometers, portable pH and millivolt meters and pumps. Through the Department of Geology, the organic chemistry group also has access to a van modified to serve as a field laboratory, and access to the GEMS field experimentation site.

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