Raman Spectroscopy Laboratory

The Raman Spectroscopy Laboratory is operated by Dr Craig Marshall. The laboratory has a Renishaw inVia Reflex Spectrometer and combined Raman and FTIR system - Iluminat IR II. This fully automated Raman, confocal Raman, Raman imaging (StreamlineTM Plus fast chemical imaging) is combined with an Iluminat IR II system capable of transmission, reflection, and diamond attenuated total reflectance (ATR) microspectroscopic applications. The Raman imagin system is equipped with 4 sources of internal laser with 5 excitation wavelengths (HeCd: 325 nm, Argon Ion: 488 and 514.5 nm, NIR diode: 785 nm, and ND:YAG: 1064 nm), a full range of objectives (5X, 20X, 50X, and 100X) and UV objectives (15X and 40X), high resolution digital camera, StreamLineTM Plus fast chemical imaging. The new StreamLineTM Plus technology, from Renishaw, enables you to produce Raman chemical images far faster than has been possible before from previous Raman systems.

Also, the Raman system has ½ waveplates to change the polarization of the incident laser, and a ½ waveplate and analyzer to change the polarization of the Raman scattered light. This enables polarized Raman measurements with linear incident and scattered light either parallel or perpendicular polarized with respect to the optical axis of the spectrometer.

Raman spectroscopy laser glowing in a dark lab