Portable Raman Spectrometer System

Portable Raman Spectrometer System is shared by Dr. Olcott and Dr. Marshall. The DeltaNu Rockhound™ portable Raman spectrometer is a lightweight (<5 lbs), battery powered, instrument that operates for approximately 5 hours on a rechargeable battery. The system has a simple point and shoot attachment, which is used to obtain Raman signatures on a variety of solid material for example, minerals, rocks and soils.

The Rockhound is also coupled with a lightweight optical microscope, the NuScopeTM, a digital optical microscope accessory with a 100x microscope objective, which provides fine focusing on finely isolated portions of the sample. The laser is a 120 mW system with an excitation wavelength at 785 nm, the laser spot size is 35 μm and is focused and simultaneously viewed on a discrete portion of the sample. The instrument has a 8 cm-spectral resolution acroos the whole spectral range (200-2000 cm). This instrument is operated remotely from a PC laptop using Bluetooth® technology, and the laptop has a built-in mineral library of over 500 spectra.