Paleobiogeochemistry Laboratory

A photo of a large rock at Field Camp

The Paleobiogeochemistry Laboratory is operated by Dr Alison Olcott. The laboratory is equipped with standard equipment for organic extractions. This includes a Mars Express microwave-assisted solvent extraction system capable of organic solvent extractions and acid digestions, and a Biotage blow-down evaporating system that can handle small 2 mL GC vials, as well as 40 and 60 mL large vials.

Additionally, the lab is equipped with a ThermoFinnigan Trace gas chromatograph-DSQ quadrupole mass spectrometer with a thermal couple detector, a flame ionizing detector, and two different direct insertion probes all which allow for the identification and quantification of organic compounds. Additionally, this lab possesses an Olympus BX51 petrographic microscope with 10X, 40X, 60X, and 100X oil immersion objectives. This microscope is equipped for both reflective and transmitted microscopy, and is interfaced with a computer.