Geomicrobiology Laboratories

These laboratories are joint facilities of Dr Jen Roberts and Dr David Fowle. This facility is part of ~5500 square feet of shared laboratory space (including The University of Kansas W.M. Keck Foundation Paleoenvironmental and Environmental Laboratory, Geomicrobiology Lab, and Biogeochemistry Lab) in the Multi-Disciplinary Research Building. This state-of-the art laboratory space with dedicated fume hoods and ultra-pure, RNAase-free water source (Barnstead Diamond LS system). The Geomicrobiology Lab contains an autoclave, incubator, thermocycler, microcentrifuge, -80C freezer, and a Coy anaerobic are in place. The lab is stocked with glassware, pH meters, dessicators, chemicals, furnaces, platinum crucibles, refrigerated storage, with full microbial culture capabilities. A laboratory Agilent 6890 gas chromatograph with flame ionization and thermal couple detection is also available. The lab also has a Nikon E600 microscope equipped with epifluorescence and phase contrast. The microscope includes a 10x plan fluor objective with microscope is equipped with a workstation with Opti Auto image analysis package for counting, shape, size, and spatial analysis, and a Nikon DXM1200, 3840 x 3072 color digital camera.

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